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Payments & Disbursements Solutions

Our disbursement solutions allow you to control the timing of your outgoing payments and improve your order to pay cycle. Comprehensive transaction origination solutions and detailed reporting improve your disbursement process and accounts payable reconciliation. Added security options provide enhanced protection from fraud.


ACH Payment Services

Our Automated Clearing House (ACH) solutions provide reliable, flexible, cost-effective solutions to disburse funds to pay vendors/suppliers, employees and taxes while reducing your costs and enhancing control over your payments.

Features & Benefits

ACH Credit Origination: 

  • Originate ACH payments quickly and easily through a variety of methods
  • Provide greater control over your payment process
  • Define timing of settlement to more effectively manage your working capital and cash flow
  • Initiate transactions online through TRUSTCITY e-Connect® solution or utilize your own in-house solution


ACH Direct Send:

  • Directly transmit National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) formatted ACH origination files for processing to TRUSTCITY
  • Upload ACH origination details in various formats into TRUSTCITY e-Connect for immediate processing
  • Streamline your payment processing and reduce or eliminate the need for manual intervention
  • Simplify your reconciliation by incorporating ACH addenda information with payments


ACH Positive Pay:

Our ACH Positive Pay service provides an added measure of defense against electronic payment fraud by allowing you to control un-authorized access to your accounts and monitor transaction activities.

  • Pre-Authorize who has access to electronically debit your accounts as well as maximum transaction limits for added security
  • Automated cross-referencing of incoming ACH debits against your pre-authorized transactions
  • Use on any/all of your business checking accounts providing the level of protection you desire
  • Notification of suspect payments for your approval prior to processing

ACH Debit Block:

  • Block all ACH debits to your accounts
  • Allows you to manage outgoing payments to put control in your hands

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